Interpretation Rates

Interpretation Rates

Our various interpretation services are available in over 20 Languages. and they are carried out by proven professionals with decades of experience and exposure in the field. With our main offices located in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, our team of experts are always available where ever the job necessitate their presence. The pricing table below represent our charges per day (8 hours) but excludes every other logistics factors which could still be agreed upon.

Note: A minimum notice period of 48 Hours is required for us to best serve you.


Video / on-call interpretation

$ 200 / day


Assist Clients on Business Trips

$ 300 / day


Local & International Conferences

$ 600 / day

Interpretation Rates

  • The working time within a day is 8 hours.
  • Working hours under 4 hours is considered as 4 hours (half a day) while hours between 4 to 8 hours is considered as 8 hours (a day)
  • The quote above does not include transportation and accomodation cost

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