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Document Translation Rates

Our Document Translation services are available in over 100 Languages. With networks across the continent, although our main office is located in Lagos, Nigeria, our teams of professional translators work to ensure that your projects are done within your budget and with a quick turn around time.

Our team get to translate all sort of documents daily. documents such as: contracts, product labels, marketing guides, financial statements etc.

NB: The table of our translation pricing  below represent a portion of the over 100 LANGUAGES available for translation: see proof here


Dialogue, Conversation

$ 0.15 / word


Legal, Medical, Financial

$ 0.20 / word


Dialogue, Conversation

$ 0.30 / word

Professional Translation Rates

These rates can decrease based on volume of documents to be translated.
Prices above represent maximum price per word but we are still open for discussion as we try to remain as flexible as possible.

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Block B, Suite 241 Sura shopping Complex Lagos Island 101223 Lagos, Nigeria.

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